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Day 2: San Jose to Quepos

No sense creating a post for Day 1. We didn’t take any photos and I’ve come to understand that people would rather see a photo than read 1,000 of my words when it comes to a travel blog. So I will summarize the trip from Portland to San Jose, Costa Rica by stating that it more or less went off without a hitch, remarkably well and can only complain that Delta charges to watch movies on domestic flights, didn’t have a personal entertainment system from Atlanta to San Jose as they did from Portland to Atlanta, that I could only see 4/5th’s of the screen if I bent down on the flight and missed lots of the dia log because of the crappy ear buds, and paid $9.50 for a crap sandwich for dinner. Other than that it was great.

Oh, and do not get the curry chicken in terminal T of the Atlanta airport unless you want to burn a hole through your intestines.

Our plan was to ease into the culture shock (such that it is) of being in a country where you don’t speak the language. The start of that was to spend the night (we got in around 10pm) at the airport Holiday Inn Express, which we got for free because of Brenda’s numerous travels to Lodi.

That means we woke up at a Holiday Inn Express on our first real day in Costa Rica, and if you’ve been to one Holiday Inn Express you’ve been to them all. We had a nice complementary breakfast with sausages, hard-boiled eggs, toast, yoghurt, pineapple, juice and more. Fueled up, it was time to catch a shuttle back to the airport to pick up our rental car.

We got the rental car (but not before finding another ATM machine because we miscalculated the exchange rate and took out only $32 in local money rather than $300) and mindlessly followed the instructions of the GPS for three hours and got to Quepos without incident or stress. The biggest challenge (thanks to the GPS, without which we’d still be driving around in San Jose somewhere) was monitoring the speed limit, which randomly changes from a slow 80 k/h to leisurely 60 k/h to crawling 40 k/h with no apparent rhyme or reason–and the minimum speeding fine is $600 US!!!!

We held up traffic and will continue holding up traffic at that rate!

The GPS took us right to the hotel, Mono Azul (Blue Monkey). We checked in, went for a walk around the corner for a very nice lunch (12,500 colons!), braved the traffic of Quepos to the grocery store because we have to get up early for a tour and won’t have time for breakfast, and went back to be by the pool.

Here’s the path to our room.


The hotel’s pool was truly inviting. There’s nothing like going from an Oregon winter day to a humid summer day in a matter of hours.


 There’s also nothing like enjoying the cooling effect of evaporation from swimming trunks while sitting in the shade, wafting cool breezes. As you can see, I’ve already got a darker left arm from a few hours of driving with my arm out the window.

The monkey’s came out an hour before dusk.


 And I spent an hour watching monkeys clambor and crash amongst the trees overhead.


 We ended the day with another enjoyable meal at the hotel’s restaurant, I made this blog post and hit the sack to get sleep before our first full immersion into Costa Rica.


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