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New Zealand Trip Day 8 – Cromwell to Alexandra

100315 Cromwell to Alexandra

Light day of travel.

We drove from the cabin into “Historic Cromwell” for breakfast. I had a nice frittata and Brenda and Jean had bacon and egg butties.

I spent the morning bloging the previous three days while Brenda and Jean got a private a tour of the Clyde Dam. Private tour? Well, Brenda’s uncle is well connected in the power community and even did some consulting on the dam so it didn’t take but a text message to him to get a tour organized – it’s not usually open to the public.

But I didn’t go on the tour, so no photos in my blog from that experience!

Then it was about a twenty minutes drive into Alexandra for Brenda’s old university friend, Jane Mitchell. We stayed with her family the last time I was in the country, 14 years ago. Back then they had a toddler, Nick. Now Nick drives, and they’ve got a 13 year old daughter, Kate and ten year old boy Kit.

Jane took us on a site seeing tour of the area, a big loop. We stopped at “Shakey Bridge” which lives up to its name. Also, notice the town clock up on the side of the hill? Everybody relies on it and complains bitterly if it’s off.

It was a beautiful summer day – needed short pants – as Alexandra is often the hottest spot in the country. Jane and co. are renting a house while they sort out what to do on a more permanent basis. They’re trying to decide whether to buy this piece of property and build a house Or one across the road with a nice house already on it. Tough choice.

In the mean time the house they’re renting is conveniently located for the kids bus stop so no big rush.

In the afternoon we gave Kit and Nick a bit of practice on the cricket pitch – my googly needs work, but hey, it was my first time as a cricket bowler.  To recover we ate salmon and misc. other stuff for appetizers while waiting for husband Chris to come home with the Kate and then had BBQ venison, squashed potatoes for which we’ll steal the recipe, and ratatouille. Kate was a great help clearing the table and learning to be  a good hostess and for that she was rewarded with the hazelnut chocolate treates. we brought.

 A very pleasant evening indeed.

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