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New Zealand Trip Day 7 – Te Anau to Cromwell

Leisurely Sunday morning. As usual when couples stay at a cabin for a weekend there’s plenty of leftovers that need to be eaten before checking out. I had a brunch of salad, spelt bread, hummus, oat bran, and gorged on Hokey Pokey ice cream because we wouldn’t be able to bring it with us. That made up for the couple of ice cream-less days.

Sue directed us on a driving tour of the Te Anau region.

The first stop was to look at the bird sanctuary. We got a good look at the famous Pukeko (Maori for “looks AND tastes like chicken”):

We got a good look at Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri (Maori for “nice place for a canoe ride if it’s not blowing a gale”) which is also the launching site for the ride to Doubtful Sound.

We stopped in Manapouri at an renovated church turned into a café and had coffee:

Then it was touring the area with look at local farm life. These funny looking pigs seemed to have ears for eyeshades:

They farm deer in New Zealand for meat. They’re not as prevalent as dairy or sheep farms, but they’re not unusual either. Here’s one example:

We stopped at one lookout where they had a very helpful guide that named all the points of interest in the area. There were plenty of those in 360 degrees. Quite a remarkable place:

Left Simon and Sue at Te Anau. Back to work for them. On the road for us. Headed away from the coast and into the Southern Alps. First thing out of town we bumped into a long line of tractors, well over a mile, on some kind of tour of the South Island. That was good a laugh and we were thankful we were going the other way:

Got into Arrowtown – and old gold mining village turned rustic tourist destination. We got into town around 4:30pm armed with a shopping list from friends from The Netherlands who had been here a few years ago. Brenda also had a hankering for something nice for herself (for a change – she rarely splurges on herself so I have to go along when she does).

The nice man agreed to stay open past closing time just for us. I guess the $635 sale was worth it. Also, you can avoid the 12.5% sales tax if you have it shipped home overseas so we did that. The stuff will get home before we do.

Here’s what main street Arrowtown looks like:

and the village green:

We stopped to have a look at the bridge where bungee jumping started:

Dog-gone-it, the place was closed. And I was going to do it, really, honest (yeah, right). I can’t see jumping off a perfectly good bridge.

We stopped for a quick look at Lake Wakatipu (Maori for “Another Bloody Scenic Lake”)

Found a cabin at a Top 10 Holiday Park in Cromwell. The price was a bit dear but we were surfeit of options. At least they had an internet connection I could pay to use, hence the blog update and the ability to help out one of my clients:

Exited the internet room to an amazing sunset that had everybody, including the locals, gawking:

2 comments to New Zealand Trip Day 7 – Te Anau to Cromwell

  • dallas

    what a sunset indeed!!!!!

  • Mark Fisher

    Awesome sunset…make a nice calendar photo.

    Maybe the pig figured out how to use his ears to keep the flies off her eyeballs. I suppose that’s what eyelids are for, but then again, a bit more protection from flies is handy should you live in a sty or wander into a teenager’s bedroom. Alas, the stategy would not work for teenagers themselves. I assume they don’t have ears since mine never seem to hear anything I say.

    Nice beams in that coffee house! I think in Portland you are more likely to come across a church that been converted from a coffee house.

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