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New Zealand Trip Day 21 – Pataua South to Waiheke Island

100328 Pataua South to Waiheke Island

Time to leave the bach (pronounced “batch”), but not before some final photos, like this one of the back of the bach

and this one on the inside

and this one of the front

Which leads me to a quick discussion on the topic of “what’s a bach?” for the U.S. Americans.

Back in the day it was common for Kiwis to have a place they could go to, usually by the sea as there’s a whole lot coast line with bays and inlets etc. in this country, for a quick vacation. Brenda’s family had a bach when they were girls. It wasn’t something you had to be wealthy to have.

In American we would call it a “cabin” whereas on the South Island they call it a “crib”.

Often the bach was built for functionality and to be inexpensive rather than hoidy-toidy. Of course as time goes on people are buying up these choice locations and putting nice buildings on them, so these good old kiwi bachs are getting a little more rare.

Once the cars were packed and place cleaned up for the next people we went back to the beach where the wedding folk were staying. All energies had been spent the day before and, like us, people were packing for the return to home – a good two plus hour drive for just about everybody.

We got back to Auckland in about three hours after a detour or two and caught the ferry to Waiheke (Maori for “it sort of reminds you of Jamaica, only a little colder and without the poverty”) Island where we had a few minutes to kill before it launched.

Once on the water we got another good look at the city of Auckland

The ride was great fun. That machine jams. Here I am standing on the deck looking out the front.

and you can see by my hair and the wake that we were making good speed.

Along the way we passed a couple of old America’s Cup boats out giving tours

and we saw why Auckland is termed “the city of sails”

There was a race going on and these poor sods were becalmed

After an hour’s ferry ride and another ½ hour over the winding, narrow island roads over hill and dale we arrived at Di & Don’s place in the eco-village.

I expect that to end the day-by-day updates as we now get into serious rest and relaxation mode. No more rushing from one sleeping accommodations to another while being inundated by one amazing sight to see after another. There’s probably be a summary of the week in there somewhere.

I’ll  also have a chance to show off the incredible place Don and Co. have built and I’ll have the chance to show some of the differences between living the Kiwi way versus the way we U.S. Americans live.

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