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New Zealand Trip Day 19 – Ruakaka to Pataua South

100326 Ruakaka to Pataua South

Now we have seriously entered the portion of our trip where we will spend most of the time catching up with friends and relatives.

On the way out of Ruakaka we stopped by the Breambay Butchery for supplies to take us up to the bach – award winning sausages and bacon. Here’s Gary holding court:

And Ma Cullen, who helps out at the store all the time:

We went up the hill to Kelly’s house for a quick coffee but by the time we got there, having been delayed at the butchery, Kelly was gone so we missed her. Still, we got a chance to see the impressive view from her house:

And Brenda got to visit with her fairly tame sheep – they were much smaller than our behemoths:

We weren’t to meet Brenda’s sister Di and bro-in-law Don at Don’s parents house in Whangarei – pronounced “fongeray” (Maori for “we like to confuse non-Maoris by pronouncing “wh” with the “f” sound) until they arrived around 3pm so that gave us time to hustle over to Dargaville for Jean to pick up some stuff she left at her Aunt Mabel where we had a nice visit:

And then we shot over to Cousin Noline’s for a chance to check our emails or what-have-you on her internet connection:

We went to the farm store where Brenda bought yet another pair of gum boots (she’s got several pair scattered around our place in Canby) and I bought several souvenir shepherd’s whistles to distribute to the neighborhood kids back home.

We were in “kumara country” (kumara’s being a sort of tasty New Zealand sweet potato that Brenda has a special fondness for as her home town is in the heart of “kumara country”) so we stopped at a stand, bought a sack and left our money in the box, and headed back for the hour’s drive to Whangarei.

We stopped in at Cousin Ann’s place for a quick cup of tea and for Jean to pick up a CD that she’d left there:

Di and Don arrived from their home down south to Don’s parent’s house in Whangarei and we had a cuppa with them before heading off to our weekend bach at the beach near Pataua South (Pataua being Maori for “lots of genuine old-timey Kiwi bach’s here but no freakin’ Tip Top ice cream on a cone, mate”) for the wedding.

Don and I drove in one car, the three sisters in the other. We agreed to meet at the Pataua Pub as the ladies were going to stop and do some grocery shopping.

The pub had an awesome view as hinted at by this photo:

We arrived at our weekend $100 Kiwi (about $75 US) per night, sleeps 8 awesome deal bach and had a beer out back

And enjoyed the view of the bay

1 comment to New Zealand Trip Day 19 – Ruakaka to Pataua South

  • Mark Fisher

    You two are truely blessed people with a lot of good friends and family. Thanks for sharing you trip!

    I’m still working to learn the whistle Jon. I keep it in my car. I practice when the political adds come on the radio. I’ve had some strange looks from people who see me and wonder why I’m drooling so heavily.

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