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New Zealand Trip Day 15 – New Plymouth to Tirau

100322 New Plymouth to Tirau

This is my fourth trip to New Zealand’s North Island and there are very few touristy things there that I haven’t seen. Number 14 of the top 101 things Kiwis should see is the glow worm caves in Waikato (Maori for “We’d call it Wall Drug Store but that’s already taken”).

I’ve never seen the glow worm caves at Waikato, so it was one of the certain, don’t care what it costs or what it takes, things on the list.

The tragedy is they don’t allow any form of photography in the caves, so what YOU get is a photograph of a post card:

And the post card doesn’t do it justice because it’s pitch black in the cave except for the glow worms. You take a guided tour walking down into the limestone caves, which is pretty nice, but I’ve been in a lot of limestone caves in my time so nothing really new there.

But then you get into a boat on the river that runs through the cave and the guide takes you into the glow worm area. These worms light up their tails to attract insects for food and here there are hundreds of them. Imagine a clear starry night in the middle of a dark desert without any light pollution and double it.

Go ahead, Google glow worms and learn more. It’s worth it.

Of course the scenery in the area is, well, scenic and wonderful. Not as dramatic as the south, but good nonetheless. Here’s an example:

And another example:

I find I’ve beginning to suffer a little from scenery fatigue though. Also there’s this other syndrome going on. The Black Hills of South Dakota are spectacular and a must see, only a few years ago we’d gone there just after seeing the freakin’ incredible similar sights of the national parks in Utah so South Dakota was a little “ho hum”.

We agreed that we should’ve travelled New Zealand from North to South for that reason, which is really unfair to the North is pretty amazing and beautiful.

Except (in my opinion) our final destination for the day, Tirau (Maori for “there must be an ordinance saying everybody must have “art” or a sign made out of corrugated iron because it’s everywhere and it’s a little scary”)

Across the street from our motor inn was the information center surrounded by a huge corrugated dog

And also a huge corrugated sheep (notice Jon being pacified by a hokey-pokey ice cream cone):

Brenda loved the stuff and took photos of it all. I didn’t care for it so only include a few samples, such as this flower:

If you want to see more, like the school bus and the grasshopper, you’ll have to facebook friend Brenda.

But we couldn’t leave without taking a photo of this:

This is apparently an outfit that will come out and slaughter your livestock at your place. I didn’t understand why then they needed a store front and it just struck me as funny.

One last anecdote more likely to fall into the category of you’d have to have been there:

We were eating dinner at a Subway because Tirau also means, in Maori “the very small town with a dozen café’s almost all of which are closed on Monday”. They were cleaning some machine in the back and it sounded eerily like somebody back there was both clearing their sinuses and choking at the same time.

I managed to, rather dramatically; duplicate the sound which put Brenda and Jean into hysterics. It also caused them to howl with laughter then every time the machine in the back made the noise.

What fun.

2 comments to New Zealand Trip Day 15 – New Plymouth to Tirau

  • dallas

    you and your ice cream, now I know what to get you for Christmas!!!!

  • Mark Fisher

    I’m with Brenda on this one Jon…Larger than life folk-art made from corrugated metal? I’ll have to see the rest. Any corrugated metal pigs with ear-covered-eyes?

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