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New Zealand Trip Day 14 – Masterton to New Plymouth

100321 Masterton to New Plymouth

Okay, so let me tell you about Steve and Diana’s amazing place.

First, I have to mention the amazing BBQ dinner Steve and Diana laid on for us. Three kinds of meats potatoes, salads, breads, and much, much more.

Secondly you should know we bought Y’s Acres in Canby in 1990 and we’re quite proud of all we’ve done – on the outside at least.

Steve and Diana bought there place in 1993 and the amount of stuff they’ve done makes it look like all we did was change some lightbulbs and plant a flower box.

Their place was just bare pasture. They bought and renovated some older houses in town to finance the purchase of their place upon which they moved a huge 5k sq ft (or so) old former girls hostel onto the property.

Next to that they moved an old barn onto their house.

Just the work on the house seems amazingly daunting. They’ve renovated one nice section that served as our private quarters. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a nice bathroom, separate entrance with its own patio and some kitchen facilities. This is the living room area. Very nice, especially compared to The Atlantis.

There’s landscaping and stone walls all over the place that look like they’ve always been there. To top it off they’ve got another big house they’ve placed on the back of the property that Steve is fixing up for their retirement place. Oh and there’s also a “studio” they’ve fixed up for people to stay at – and in fact people were staying there who were attending yesterday’s wine and arts festival.

Good on you Steve and Diana. If anybody’s looking for a b-n-b in the area we heartily recommend it.

Should I mention there was a hot air balloon rally in town with 18 balloons and I was too lazy to even look into it or get up early to see any of it or talk to anybody in the ballooning community?

Naw, no reason to mention that. Besides, I’m on vacation.

We were up and at ‘em early because we had a long day of driving ahead. Along the way was Palmerston North, home of Massey University where Brenda got her degree. We stopped by and toured it but it’d changed so much Brenda literally couldn’t recognize anything.

Not to worry. Cal Poly looked almost unrecognizable when we swung by there last October too.

Then is was off to see here Uncle Pete and Aunt Jean who live in town there and are pictured here:

Pete is 99 years old! And Jean is 91 and they both still live at home and look after themselves. They get plenty of help from others but still manage and Pete still drives.

The rest of the day was making our way north and west to New Plymouth where Brenda’s cousin Jeanette live.

Mount Egmont, one of New Zealand’s more spectacular mountains is right near by New Plymouth.:

Jeanette, husband Boyd and their two kids Mathew and Samantha live in a house that’s in that’s still undergoing a major remodel but they were good enough to get the new downstairs expansion done and functional in time for our visit, so that was cool.

It’ll be a very nice place in a few weeks when it’s done.

Here’s Samantha setting the table for us for yet another amazing BBQ:

Boyd did a great job with the lamb, skewered chicken and crustaceans. We had a fun afternoon catching up with them – there are plenty of stories to tell as they spent some time with us and others in The States – and getting to know their 12 and 10 years olds.

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