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New Zealand Trip Day 12 – Ruby Bay to Picton

100319 Ruby Bay to Picton

Up early to get the kids off to school so mum and dad can spend the rest of the day playing tour guide for us three.

Charmaine has a very high rev internal motor that makes her go, go, go and Devin has learned to keep up with her. So, Charmaine took Brenda for a canoe paddle around the estuary to Ruby Bay.

Devin was kind enough to drive Jean and I over there for coffee, though Charmaine and I had Boysencider as I’m not much of a coffee drinker..

Then it was back to the house for a quick brunch.

We went for a look of Devin and Charmaine’s farming block. It’s where Devin gets to go to play around with big boy toys for working the ground and one of the oldest farming blocks in the country.

Up into the hills we went to the Riawaka (Maori for “It’d be a nice place to swim on a really hot day because the water is bloody cold, but at least there aren’t any sand flies.” – those Maorai can pack a lot into a seven letter word) Resurgence.

We came upon a blue, crystal clear deep pool of water that would be packed with kids swimming if it were a sweltering day, but we pretty much had it to ourselves today.

Then we took the path up a little farther to where the water comes out of the hill, aka the resurgence.

We headed over Charmaine’s favorite beach, Kaiteriteri (Maori for “that’s not really gold, it’s just the color of the sand”) and went up to a little lookout where we saw this beautiful little bay.

How do you get a bach like that? Get here first I reckon.

Then is was down the hill for a little dip in the water.

The sand is a gritty unusually golden color. The water had chilled quite a bit in the last week or so, but didn’t take long to get used to.

Next up, back to Ruby Bay for the Golden Bear brewery, Devin and Charmaine’s favorite place for a beer. It’s a little micro-brewery run by former Californians. We had Fish Taco’s for dinner.

Back to the house to pick up our gear and get out of town.

Here’s a photo of us with our wonderful hosts.

It was nice to get a little break from New Zealand and have a little west coast USA time again.

Here’s a little bay near Picton where we’re meant to catch the ferry tomorrow to the North Island.

1 comment to New Zealand Trip Day 12 – Ruby Bay to Picton

  • Mark Fisher

    7th Picture down from top…

    Jon – No! I don’t want to go in the water! You can’t make me!

    Brenda – Aw, come on Jon just wade up to your knees like this. Come on. It’s fun! Just pull your pants up like this. They won’t get wet.

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