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New Zealand Trip Day 11 – Greymouth to Ruby Bay

100318 Greymouth to Ruby Bay

Awake at yet another Top 10 campground. Nice place packed full of kids on some sort of school trip.

I was just about to get in the shower when a pack of kids rushed around and took all the showers. Grrr.

After the wait and the shower I went back to the room to write the weekly movie review. While Brenda did the proof reading I went and played on the bouncy thing.

Then it was time to email in the article. I had trouble getting the wireless connection to work so off to the coin operated machines. They had 4 open machines, but just as I was going to sit down at the one that could read a USB memory stick a guy sat down to use that one. Grrr.

We went into Greymouth to find a better place to get a web connection, managed to get it emailed in and had a nice breakfast.

We stopped at Punakaiki (Maori for “this is where hitchhikers congregate”) to look at the very unique “pancake rocks”:

and “blow holes”.

This is another one of those exceptional places that just can’t be captured by a camera.  Here’s one just to give you a sense of proportion and context:

From Punakaiki we headed east and away from the rugged west coast. No more Pacific Coast Highway like scenes for a while.

A stop at the Buller Gorge to walk across The Swingbridge.

Brenda and Jean were a little uncomfortable walking across the thing and didn’t appreciate me making it bounce more than it had to.

After a quick 15 minute walk around the bush to collect sand fly bites we took the zip line ride back.

Brenda and Jean got to go tandem, which made it go faster. You could hear then scream up the whole valley. One day I’ll be able to post the movie we have of it.

Nothing much more to do but the typical site-seeing and drive up to Ruby Bay to visit school mates from Cal Poly, Devin and Charmane and their two kids. They immigrated to New Zealand in 2003, have bought a house and some land and some more land and Devin – with his civil engineering degree – is well stuck into the local political scene helping the Kiwi’s sort themselves out.

We spent the evening in rapid fire catching up. It’s been seven or eight years since we’ve seen them. Charmaine got here ph.d at Oregon State, so they were in Oregon for a while too when we were up there, and Charmaine is one of the few people to make it to our wedding reception.

A nice sauna to finish yet another great day.

2 comments to New Zealand Trip Day 11 – Greymouth to Ruby Bay

  • dallas

    what great pics you have from your trip.

  • Mark Fisher

    I’ve never seen anything like those pancake rocks. Did anyone offer an explanation about the process that creates them? More importantly, did you send any of those pesky light-weight shower-hogging kids flying when you bounced on the bouncy thing? Ah sweet revenge!

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