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New Zealand Trip Day 10 – Fox Glacier to Greymouth

100317 Fox Glacier to Greymouth 

Kia Ora and Erin go Bragh it’s St. Patrick’s Day in New Zealand. They don’t seem to celebrate it much except at the pubs as an opportunity to increase sales.

It rained heavily during the night, but managed to get a decent night’s sleep in our low budget accommodations. I fully expected another day of blustery weather but no, the sun was shining and the wind had calmed.

I spent the morning catching up on the blog stuff while Brenda and Jean went out to Lake Matheson. I’ve seen a few lakes already so I figured I could skip this one. When they returned they said it was well worth another look and not that far away, so Brenda and I went out for another look. Brenda was happy we did as the light had improved.

By then it was brunch time so back to the town of Fox Glacier we went for brekkie:

We decided we only had time for one glacier, so we skipped going out to Fox Glacier and went out to Franz Josef Glacier:

It’s one of the few glaciers that are still growing in the world. You could see people approaching the glacier on guided tours from our lookout. Note: That might be another entry into the Blazer’s “Wear in the World” photo contest.

On we went to the beach at Oreti (Maori for “you’ll be scratching sand fly bites for the next three days, mate”).

Next stop was the town Ross to see if we could find any evidence of Brenda’s great grandparents as they had lived there for a few years. It’s a wee town founded on a gold rush. While I was there I did a little panning for gold

Not really. That’s one of those fake deals where you put your face in the hole. Words don’t appear in thought bubbles in real life. If they hadn’t put that there you couldn’t tell it was fake, eh?

We headed up the lovely rugged coast to Hokitika (Maori for “the town that starts shutting down at 4pm”). We went to the National Kiwi Centre but the kiwi birds had gone to bed so there was no viewing of them. The town is filled with gem stores as it’s the green stone area of the country. We went to one special store but it was shut. Finally we went to a ruby store just before it closed for the day, but we didn’t buy anything.

Remarkably there are no photos of Hokitika.

Next up the coast is Greymouth. Greymouth is a major town servicing the area and most importantly the home of the Montieth’s brewery. Montieth’s is one of the oldest breweries in the country that has been in and out of business under several different names since the late 1800’s and that has been resurrected for the craft beer craze.

We toured the brewery, which wasn’t all that impressive as all the workers had gone home by then and there are only 7 of them anyway. Plus they were in the middle of making a batch of cider, so nothing exciting going on.

Still, you get to sample all their beers and the cider. Most of the beers were tasty and Jean, who doesn’t like cider at all, liked the cider here, so Montieth’s won some converts with this tour.

After the samples they let you pour one of your own.

Upon completion there was only one more room important to visit which they pronounced “the ur-EYE-nals”.

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