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New Zealand Trip Day 12 – Ruby Bay to Picton

100319 Ruby Bay to Picton

Up early to get the kids off to school so mum and dad can spend the rest of the day playing tour guide for us three.

Charmaine has a very high rev internal motor that makes her go, go, go and Devin has learned to keep up with her. So, […]

New Zealand Trip Day 11 – Greymouth to Ruby Bay

100318 Greymouth to Ruby Bay

Awake at yet another Top 10 campground. Nice place packed full of kids on some sort of school trip.

I was just about to get in the shower when a pack of kids rushed around and took all the showers. Grrr.

After the wait and the shower I went back […]

New Zealand Trip Day 10 – Fox Glacier to Greymouth

100317 Fox Glacier to Greymouth

Kia Ora and Erin go Bragh it’s St. Patrick’s Day in New Zealand. They don’t seem to celebrate it much except at the pubs as an opportunity to increase sales.

It rained heavily during the night, but managed to get a decent night’s sleep in our low budget accommodations. […]

New Zealand Trip Day 9 – Alexandra to Fox Glacier

100316 Alexandra to Fox Glacier

Experienced the morning madness that happens with three kids getting ready to catch the bus for school at Jane and Chris’s house, and then said our goodbyes.

Then it was off to catch up with another school mate of Brenda, Jean Gibson who Brenda only found out from Jane […]

New Zealand Trip Day 8 – Cromwell to Alexandra

100315 Cromwell to Alexandra

Light day of travel.

We drove from the cabin into “Historic Cromwell” for breakfast. I had a nice frittata and Brenda and Jean had bacon and egg butties.

I spent the morning bloging the previous three days while Brenda and Jean got a private a tour of the Clyde Dam. […]

New Zealand Trip Day 7 – Te Anau to Cromwell

Leisurely Sunday morning. As usual when couples stay at a cabin for a weekend there’s plenty of leftovers that need to be eaten before checking out. I had a brunch of salad, spelt bread, hummus, oat bran, and gorged on Hokey Pokey ice cream because we wouldn’t be able to bring it with us. That […]

New Zealand Trip Day 6 – Milford Sound and Fiordlands

Milford Sound and Fiorlands

One of the “must sees” if you tour the South Island, and especially if you make it to the west, if the Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park. There are several other spectacular sites and fiords to see if you’ve got the time, but if you’re only rushing through like typical […]

New Zealand Trip Day 5 – Invercargill to Te Anau

Invercargill to Te Anau

Not much to report today. Started the morning at Simon’s house:

I got to use his internet connection to update the blog while Brenda and Jean went out to see the site of Invercargill.

They weren’t gone long.

Simon took a half day at work. When he got home and […]

New Zealand Trip Day 4 – Pounawea to Invercargill

Yesterday I wrote a movie review column for the Canby Herald. I needed to find internet access so I could send it off to the editor. But first… breakfast.

We made breakfast in the community kitchen. I made a nice omelet with ham, cheese and mushrooms. While we were there we talked to a […]

New Zealand Trip Day 3 – Dunedin to Pounawea

Yesterday we stopped for lunch at Balclutha. I’ve got a problem with my diet as my witch-doctor has told me to not eat wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, or yeast. I should also stay away from milk, though cheese seems okay. (I sort of cheat with ice cream, I think, maybe, don’t want to ask).

This […]